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International application requires a great effort for professional management from the time of application. Moreover, personnel expenses are required greatly. If Using COMANAS’ total solution for international application, you can largely reduce costs required for international application through a solution program for managing an international application from the time of application to subsequent management totally. Refer to below for more detailed information.

1. Foreign IP Management Software

Because handling international applications for patent, utility model, design, and trademark registration in cooperation with patent law firms in the world over the network, this solution provides letter and invoices required for international application procedures and a paperless environment basically. Therefore, staffs having no expertise in international application can handle international application easily and conveniently, and thus, this is a solution that can reduce costs and human resources of patent law firms.

2. IP Case Matching

This solution connects patent application cases with patent law firms in countries. For instance, when a patent law firm in Korea registers one US application in the solution and a patent law firm in US registers one Korea application in the solution, the solution connects the patent law firms each other immediately and enable them to send and receive their cases, so that the number of accepted cases is increased. In addition, this is a greatly useful solution which provides an indirect connection function when there are application cases among more than 3 nations.

3. World Wide Patent Office

Because being constructed so that information on worldwide patent law firms is free to be registered and found, this solution can be used conveniently and provide an enormous amount of information on Intellectual Property rights of each country. Moreover, you can search for registered patent law firms all over the world and then conveniently register them as your partners in one click.

4. ASK for IP Experts

When desiring to file an application abroad, an individual inventor or a business can ask worldwide IP experts for help, and a patent attorney or a patent law firm can accept cases requested from the individual inventor or the business. In addition, this solution is useful to search for foreign patent law firms when you file an international application.

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